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The AkzoNobel Sourcing organization is a center - led functional network which collaborates with suppliers and stakeholders globally, to help our businesses achieve their objectives for innovation, growthsustainability and profitability, aligned to the Value and Values strategy of the company. 

How do we buy?
We have organized our Procurement activities globally in the broad categories of Product Related (Raw Materials and Packaging) or PR, and Non-Product Related (Services and Consumables) or NPR.  Our approach is to optimize the sourcing mix, making use of global, regional and local sources, to meet the needs of our Business Units, across all the regions and markets in which we operate.

Within the Centre Led Procurement Network, Spend Area Directors manage key global spend areas in the categories of PR and NPR. Business Unit Procurement Directors are the Network link into the operating Business Units and are also responsible for Business Unit specific spend categories. Our regional and local buying teams manage the operational processes and ensure service and delivery to all of our sites.

AkzoNobel offers an excellent opportunity to participate in mutual business development, globally and regionally, and to collaborate with us to create sustainable and innovative solutions, and ultimately create value for our stakeholders and business partners.

What do we expect from our supply partners?

  • Security of supply with a focus on quality, total costs of ownership and excellent customer service

  • Contribution to AkzoNobel’s agenda on sustainable innovation, in products and supply chain processes

  • Collaboration to drive competitive advantage, performance improvement and differentiation in our value chains

  • Proactivity in setting and delivering against challenging standards in sustainability and renewable raw materials (PDF)

  • Commitment to our values and ways of working, Terms and Conditions(PDF), Code of Conduct

  • and our Vendor Policy(PDF)

  • Geographical capability which supports our strategic intent and a broad variety of business needs

  • Operation to standards set in industry care programs such as Responsible Care® and have an active Product Stewardship program

  • Provide us with all necessary Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) information to ensure we can assess any risks and work with their product safely in compliance with the law

  • Ability to work with us to reduce the transactional burden through the supply chain, e.g. support and enable e-business and catalog buying.

AkzoNobel is a founder member of, and has a leading role in, along with other forward thinking companies, the International Supply Management Congress which is focused on the proactive development of sustainable supply chains.

For more information about the congress and your chance to obtain a voucher go to our ISMC page.

Do you want to become our partner?
If you think you can provide a profitable partnership, please contact us.